About Us


Founded in August, 2006, Larngear Technology have been continuously researching and developing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions and becoming one of the world leading AR solution providers.

We aim towards bringing AR technology into the education. Our educational AR products are designed to help instructors explain difficult contents more understandable, more interesting, and more attractive for young learners. We strongly believe that the AR technology could help leverage the world education.

Awards and Archievements

Since 2006, we have won several regional and international awards as follows:

  • Asia Pacific ICT Awards
    • Winner in 2007
    • Merit Awards in 2006 and 2010
  • Thailand ICT Awards
    • Winner in 2006, 2007, and 2010
  • Hall of Fame
    • Listed in Software Park’s Hall of Fame in 2008
  • Thailand Excellence Software Award
    • Winner in 2010
  • IT Princess Award
    • Merit Award in 2008
  • Japan Prize
    • Winner Candidate in 2008
  • National Innovation Awards
    • 2nd Runner Up in 2008
  • Most Innovative Business Awards
    • 3rd ranked in 2007
  • Korea ITAM Conference
    • Best Paper Award in 2011