Bridging Imagination with Reality

6 New Augmented Reality Learning Gears


  • Great Performance

    With our pride engineering, we optimize the software in every aspect. The result is the blazingly fast and highly robust AR application.

  • High Quality 3D Contents with Attractive Animations

    Our contents differentiate our product from others. Every 3D element and movement is neatly handcrafted to make sure that every student will have great learning experience.

  • Intuitive Control and Interaction

    The whole control was designed base natural instinct, in a few seconds student will learn how to use our software intuitively. This feature allows students to focus on subject, not to keep figuring out how to properly use the software.

  • Academically Proved

    Every aspect of the content was academically proved by the professors committee of The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), guaranteeing teaching level correctness nation-wide. Plus, every Geared learning suite was designed to comply K-12?s academic objectives.